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November 2008

In the month of November, the two-year-old classes celebrated Thanksgiving with parents coming to visit and sharing songs with us about a gray squirrel and his bushy tail, and turkey feathers and our prayer song.

Always looking for something to celebrate, the four-year-olds donned silly socks in honor of the letter "S!" Check out Mrs. Goff's and Mrs. McNeil's classes!

Our Thanksgiving programs were held on November 24th and 25th. In the four-year-old classes, we had a short program full of Pilgrims and Indians, the three-year-olds made friendship salads, and the two-year-olds had a picnic day.

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  • Woodpecker Song - Some of Mrs. Lawler's kids showing us their rhythm stick talents with the Woodpecker song!
  • Indian Riley - Indian Riley recites her lines and tells us part of the Thanksgiving story.
  • Mrs. Wilkens' Afternoon Indians
  • Mrs. Ream's Cute Little Pilgrims
  • Mrs. Goff's Morning Pre-K Kids
  • Great Food - Thanks to all the parent bakers...our tables were laden with great food!
  • Indian Andrew - Indian Andrew taps out the rhythm!
  • Robbie and Mom - Robbie and his mom find some good food to share.
  • Indian Girls - Some cute little indian girls from the three-year-old class!
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