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Summer Camp 2008

Around the World Week is lots of fun! We traveled to a different country everyday. Our opening assembly took place in the "big room" which looked like a giant airplane inside! Mrs. Goff was our captain.

We enjoyed stories and songs. We got a little wet with a spray bottle of water, and we tossed a giant world around and sang about the big, blue ball...our world. In Mexico, we broke open a pinata, made our own tortillas, made sombreros and danced and sang with maracas. In Italy we painted a still life of a bowl of fruit, made a pasta collage, and listened to Italian music while we ate mini pizzas! In Germany we saw lots of cool things, like a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest, German books and dolls and we ate Bavarian pretzels for snack. We dressed our gingerbread boys and girls up like like German children, with lederhosen and dirndls. In Australia we made boomerangs, ate "lambingtons," practiced Aussie words, like g'day, mate! We learned about Australian animals with the assistance of puppets. In China we played in big bins of rice, made Chinese lanterns, listened to Chinese music all morning, and also enjoyed learning about pandas. In Kenya we went on safari and had to rescue our snack from the monkeys who tried to steal our bananas. We played Kenyan drums, made a collage and animal masks, too. We read some great stories about life in Kenya.

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