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September Highlights

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  • Haymarket Day Parade 2008 - Red balloons, shakers, pompoms and our spirit shirt highlight our 20th year!
  • Banner Helpers
  • Marching through town! - Here we are on Washington Street, about 150 kids, teachers and parents!
  • September Community Helper: Police Officer - September is the month we learn about obeying the first time we are told, and we learn about obeying the police officers, too!
  • Future Police Officers - Mrs. Wilkens class made their own police hats and listened to Chief Roop talk about safety and neat things about his police car.
  • Bear Hugs and Fish Lips - Here we are learning to obey by walking in a perfect line to the playground, and we have great bear hugs and fish lips!
  • See You at the Pole Day! - September is also the month to celebrate 'See You at the Pole', an opportunity to pray for our country and leaders, sing songs and do our pledges.
  • Little Prayer Warriors!
  • Mrs. Goff's kids in prayer. - We remember to thank God for our great country, America, and we remember to pray for our president, too.
  • The 2's into shaving cream!
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