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Kindergarten - November 2008

In the month of November, kindergarten had a "fingerful feast" for Thanksgiving. No need for forks or spoons...everything was just right for fingers!

Kindergarten also celebrated the 50th day of school on November 21 in style...50's style that is! Poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, rolled sleeves, greased hair, scarves and ponytails were all over the Team K hallway. We counted everything we could in groups of 50, and we danced off all of our energy!

Finally, kindergarten enjoyed a field trip to Cows N' Corn, a working dairy farm. They had so much fun meeting the cows, going on a hayride, finding pumpkins, eating ice cream and spending a great day together...enjoy the photos below!!

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  • Mrs. Gilberts 50's Superstars
  • Mrs. Leake's Sock Hoppers
  • Mrs. Benedict's Big Boppers
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