Preschool Curriculum

Two-&-a Half-Year-Old Curriculum

Our two &-a-half-year-old children use the A Beka Language Enrichment Curriculum which includes a variety of themes, posters, related songs, stories and suggested art activities. They also work hard on social skills, learning to share, separating from parents, how to work in a group, and how to use many types of manipulative learning toys and school tools. While we focus on broad themes such as the Farm, the Ocean or seasons, we also use a small amount of Abeka 2's Nursery curriculum for introduction of numbers, shapes and colors.

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We will have short "circle times" to introduce songs, and teachable moments about seasons, holidays, animals, weather, colors, shapes and the world around us. We also learn school routine behaviors, such as walking in a line, taking turns, having good snack time manners, and using playground equipment appropriately.

We will reinforce proper restroom use and hand washing. We will expose them to a variety of art materials and encourage participation individually and as a class. This program helps prepare children for the three-year-old class and a larger group setting.

Three-Year-Old Curriculum

We work on developmental skills every day with manipulatives that help us learn to make patterns, sort, classify, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills. We participate in a circle time each day to learn about the calendar, the weather, the pledge to our flag, share time, and an area of study for the day. We take turns being the helping hand each day. We make time to use our big muscles on the playground and use our fine motor skills with a variety of activities in the classroom like tracing a letter, or using scissors. We work on social skills, with manners, cooperation and respect for others. We practice obeying our teachers the very first time and earn stickers towards the treasure box for a job well done. Once a week we go to chapel and once a week we visit our Musical Moves class.

We have a very busy day, every day, and we will keep you informed with our monthly newsletter and calendar.

Some of our three-year-old class books

A Beka's Animal Alphabet Friends

We introduce a letter of the week, from Aa to Zz, throughout the year with the help of A Beka's Animal Alphabet Friends. Each week we meet a new animal friend, learn all about its life, learn new vocabulary words and a fun song to sing with it. Children will enjoy creative projects that go along with each letter, and the letter sound is repeated many times throughout the lesson as we hear words that start with that letter.

Letters & Sounds with Amber Lamb

This beginning ABC book helps young children recognize letter shapes and learn letter sounds. Activities include using finger paint, glue, crayons, and writing practice and incorporate the same animal friends used in the flashcards above.

Numbers & Skills with Button Bear

This book is used by the 3 day 3's only, as an introduction to number recognition, one to one correspondence, following a series of numbers in a dot-to-dot, and coloring objects relating to a specific number.

Preschool Bible Stories

We learn about God, His character and His Son, Jesus during Bible time each day. We discuss basic Bible stories that teach us about good character, wise choices, the many miraculous things God created and what He continues to do for us. We will be focusing on the attributes of our awesome God!

Four-Year-Old Curriculum

"We make it our goal to have all of our children prepared for kindergarten by the end of the year."

Our four-year-olds have a very busy schedule that includes circle time, calendar, weather, letter of the week, music class, Pee Wee Fitness class, chapel, recess, free choice play, math activities, writing practice, work with phonics, organized games, thematic activities/weekly special themes, developing friendships, dramatic play, and using activities that help problem solve to think critically and creatively. We make it our goal to have all of our children prepared for kindergarten by the end of the year.

The children that attend five-days per week will get a more concentrated program in Phonics and begin short "reading circles" by January. The three-day four-year-olds (usually our younger 4's) will progress to blending sounds. We will challenge all of our students to excel as far as they are able, and still have plenty of time for fun and playtime activities, celebration of special holidays, silly days, and discovery of the world around us.

We will keep parents informed with our monthly newsletter and calendars.

Some of our four-year-old class books

ABC - 123

This A Beka book introduces number concepts and the formation of numbers 1-20. Children enjoy counting and coloring familiar objects for each number and forming the numbers. Phonics-based reading readiness pages are full of carefully sequenced activities in recognition, sound, and formation of vowels (long and short), consonants, consonant-vowel blends, and one-syllable words of one or two vowels. Children color the pictures and complete the activities on a weekly basis. This coordinates with our letter of the week and many other themes and units of study.

A Beka Writing Tablet

The A Beka Writing Tablet is correlated with K4 curriculum. Students will be tracing and practicing letter formation on the colorful pages. Pages have activities that help with recognition, sound, and formation of vowels, consonants, blends, and one and two vowel words. We teach manuscript (print) writing.

Blend Ladders

As children learn vowels and consonants, we begin to teach them how to put them together. Our five-day four-year-old class will work hard to learn this new skill, which is a great boost to reading skills. Children climb up the ladder by "reading" the blends for every consonant they learn.

Bible Stories

Bible stories are introduced each day with a variety of fun activities. We use storybooks, flannel graph, video, plays, puppets and God's Word to instill character training, examples of Godly living and right choices, and the many miraculous things done for us. We learn simple Bible verses. We learn that God loves us so very much, and we are to love others and make wise choices in behavior. We use the Association of Christian Schools Purposeful Design Bible Curriculum in our 4 yr old program.

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