Summer Camp

Summer 2017

Weekly themes:

June 5-9  Circus Camp!! We'll start each day with a fun assembly, and on Wednesday Peter McCory, the one man band will come to entertain us! We'll practice puppet skills, balance skills, target practice and learn about the circus. Each class will perfect their circus skills and parents will come and watch our 'Greatest Show on Earth' on Friday! Lions, Tigers, Bears, Seals, Tight Rope Walkers, strong men, clowns and a ringmaster!

June 12-16 Space Camp-- an out of this world experience!! With the help of some NASA experts, we'll be learning about stars, constellations, rockets, satellites, planets and all things 'space-y'.  We'll launch our own rockets at the end of the week, too!

June 19-23  Hawaiian Adventure Camp- We'll have our own  luau, enjoy eating pineapple, all sorts of water games, learning to hula and have oceans of fun!  We'll enjoy a beach party near the end of the week- bring a suit and towel!

June 26- 30  Camping in the forest! Tents, lanterns, campfires and s'mores are on the agenda this week. We'll go on a scavenger hunt, read by flashlight, do a nature walk, creative crafts and tasty snacks. We'll learn about forest animals and perhaps have a visitor or two!!

Cost: $100 per week. A $25 deposit is required to secure your spot per student, per week and final payments  of the remaining balance ($75 per week) must be made no later than May 2nd.

Lunch Bunch available from 12-1 each day for $5 per day, $25 per week.

If You Are Enrolled...

If you are enrolled, here is what you need to know:

  • Camp begins promptly at 9:00 am. Pick up at noon, with late fee policies in effect, just like during the regular school year.
  • Kiss and Ride/Carpool Line will be open at 8:55 am for camps with large enrollments only. Please remember to have your carpool tags ready for pick up time if you use the line, just like during the school year. Even though we have Kiss and Ride this for most Summer Camps, please try to come in at least one time to see all the fun decorations and projects for the week!
  • Children need to bring backpacks daily to take home summer projects.
  • Play clothes are essential, as we will be doing many outdoor activities, and lots of painting and messy art. Remember that sandals and Crocs are not allowed at school. Tennis shoes provide the best support and safety on our playgrounds.
  • If we have very hot days, we may set up sprinklers and ask you to bring in a towel or have your child wear a swim suit.
  • Please check the backpack each day for any changes in the schedule or anything that needs to be brought in for something special the following day.

Class lists for camp will be posted on the parent board and outdoor marque board when lists are finalized in May. Check to see which room your child is in. Most children will return to their school year teacher when there is room or if the teacher is working that week.

Special, peanut free snacks are provided each day to go with the theme of the day and week. If your child has a peanut allergy, we would prefer you to send in the snack you would like them to have.

Summer Photos

Would you like to see all the fun we have together at Haymarket Baptist Church Summer Camp? Be sure to visit our online photo gallery for updated Summer Camp pictures!

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