2019- 2020 Required Forms

(submit after February registration)

Parents are required to print and return the following downloadable forms to Haymarket Baptist Church Preschool & Kindergarten prior to August 25, 2019. You can mail these forms (PO Box 182 Haymarket 20168), drop them in the drop box under the 2nd window along the sidewalk, or hand carry them into the school-call first, due to limited office hours in the summer.

  • Dismissal Form This form tells us who is allowed to pick up your child at dismissal time, and includes two emergency contacts we can call in your absence.

  • Signature Release Form This form makes you aware of some of our most imporant policies and has you initial and sign your acceptance of these policies.

  • Getting to Know You This form helps your child's teacher get to know your child a little bit prior to the first day of school.

  • Student Health Form This is the Virginia School Health Form and must be kept on file at the school by the first week of school. The first part is completed by parents, the remainder by your child's physician. If you child has an allergy that requires an epi-pen it must be noted by the physician on your VA school health form.

  • Medical Consent This form is only to be completed parents whose child has an allergy that requires the use of an epi-pensuch as peanut allergies or bee stings. If you want to use benadryl, you must fill out an additional form for that item. If the medicine is generic or some other brand you need to list what you bring as generic benadryl from CVS, or whatever it says on the packaging. If you write 'Benadryl' you must provide 'Benadryl'.

  • FARE - Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan


Remember to bring your child's original birth certificate to the school office to be copied for their file. Children cannot attend HBCPK without this. Within 30 days of your child's final day in our school (graduation or summer camp) the certificate is shred, in accordance with Virginia law.