Fundraising is done in September and October each school year. This way we can use the money for something fun and needed during your child's school year with us.



We ask that you consider purchasing an Attractions Dining Guide, sent home during Meet the Teacher day. This $20 purchase is filled with over $4000 in coupons for area restaurants, events, stores and activities in the local area. Our school receives $10 back for each book sold.

GIFT WRAP - September/October

Immediately following the Attraction Dining Guide, we do a gift wrap fundraiser. 


Claire's Gourment is our final fundraiser and offers yummy treats that arrive frozen just in time for the holidays!

These three fundraisers cover additional expenses on the playground and equipment needs for our school. Over the past few years, we have been able to add a shade canopy, new picnic tables, playground equipment, trikes, indoor lunch tables, P.E. equipment, and teacher resources. In 2012-2013, we purchased a concrete pad around the basketball hoop and a concrete trike trail on the big playground. Additional money raised this year and next will help pay for our security system installed in the summer 2013. In 2013-2014, we added a trike garage on the big playground, the fire alarm system, new swings and swing chains, swing mats, and a few tons of new gravel for the playgrounds. In 2015-2016, we added a shade canopy to the big playground and replaced the chain link fence. In 2016-2017 we raised a record amount to pay for new doors with security glass!  In 2018-19 we purchased security cameras for the classrooms, a new piece of playground equipment and a new laminator.

Preschool in Jamaica

Throughout the school year, we raise funds to help support a preschool in Jamaica. These impoverished children live in the mountains outside Montego Bay and cannot afford preschool. Two years ago our school supported 33 students. Our school parents pay the $65 annual tuition for individual students. In 2016, we sent a teacher to college in Montego Bay - our parents helped fund her classes and books! We have also hosted spirit nights at the local Chick-fil-A restaurant and have been able to purchase security bars for the school's windows and doors. We have taken them teaching supplies, books and puzzles in December 2012-2018. One family's donation has purchased fencing around the school.  We raised funds in 2014 to have the facility painted (we supplied the paint and local preschool parents did the work!). In December of 2013, we provided a CD player, music, puppets, 3 storage cabinets, a bookshelf and Christmas gifts for every child. We did a Christmas party in December 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 - each year supplying the school children with new clothing, shoes, a toy, coloring book, and toiletries. We help teachers with computers, teaching supplies and manipulatives.

In March of 2015, Mrs. Frasz spent a week at the school assisting with teaching and discovered many needs within the local families and community. In April, we brought a preschool teacher to Virginia and she spent 11 days with our staff, learning and being 'loved on' by staff and school families alike!  For the 2015 Christmas party, we invited Christian singer/songwriter, Mary Rice Hopkins and puppeteer, Darcie Maze for the annual party. We put on a concert for the entire preschool and local elementary school. We gave each family a bag with goodies for each person in the family and Santa passed out sweet treats.

We ask that you support our spirit nights - not only to have a night out without doing dishes, but to support these little ones and their teachers who have so little in the way of educational and financial support.

How Can You help?

  • send a little one to preschool! a little one's tuition ($85 for 2018)

  • christmas gifts: Help to purchase Christmas gifts for the children by finding sale summer clothing in sizes 4-6x for boys and girls.

  • assist with college tuition: You could also assist with Sheryl Gardner's college tuition for this school year-2019.  If you are interested in learning more about it, please contact Mrs. Frasz.


Have an Idea?

Do you have an idea for a fundraising event or would like to sponsor Haymarket Baptist Church Preschool & Kindergarten? We'd love to hear more.

Please feel free to contact us online, and we'll be sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible.