For Parents

We are committed.


In order to provide a more healthy environment for our students we have begun using plant based cleaners for our classrooms. Using 'Thieves' oil diluted with water, this provides a natural disenfectant, and kills germs and bacteria. Thieves is made up of cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, cloves, lemon and rosemary. It smells wonderful and is safe for the children. We hope to provide some training sessions for parents interested in learning more about a chemical free home environment, too, this fall.

We will offer Parenting Classes this year using Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo's "On Becoming Childwise". Classes will begin 1st semester. For 10 weeks on a weeknight evening, you can meet with other parents from HBCPK, Mrs Frasz and Mrs Cindy Ward to go through a video series, workbook and amazing conversation. Please consider joining us for great tips, encouragement and confidence building in this awesome task of raising the next generation. The class is free of charge, runs from 7 pm- 8:15 pm. We will offer childcare, for which you would pay a minimum of $5-$7 per hour per child. This is staffed by school employees.

The school office has a lending library for parents. If you looking for help in dealing with behavior, grief, sibling rivalry, spiritual growth, divorce, loss of pets, or kindergarten readiness we have books for you to borrow.