Volunteering Requirements

"H.I.S Club"  Hearts in Service Volunteer Policy

HBCPK values and needs parent participation at school.  Volunteering or serving is a way to partner home and school. It adds great value to a child's experience- be it in the classroom or with special events.  Each family of a current student is required to either volunteer for five (5) hours each school year or submit $50 in lieu of volunteering. Hours can be accomplished by either parent or grandparent. Sign up sheets are posted on the parent board, and notice is given in the school newsletter and via email, especially through our Parent Support Team roster. There are some projects that can be completed through the summer months, some during the day and a few during the evening. Dates for volunteering are June- May 1st. Although some hours can be completed at home, at least one activity must be completed at school. Volunteer hours begun but not completed will be assessed at $10 per hour. Parents are free to volunteer more than five hours--those that accumulate ten hours or more will be included in our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in April.


Parent Coffees

Once a month, parents come to preschool to help teachers with upcoming craft projects. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents, share a cup of coffee and be involved in your child's preschool experience. Cutting, tracing, lacing, drawing and plenty of good conversation await you, please come and help...we need you!

Other Volunteer Options:

Parent Support Team, Harvest Hoedown, Fall and Spring Book Fairs, serving punch at seasonal programs, assisting with the Holiday Bazaar, selling school shirts at orientation, weeding the front gardens, playground clean up day in August, substituting, serving hot lunch in Kindergarten, helping at the Haymarket Parade, helping with childcare for conference days, box tops collection, sorting curriculum in the summer, Mother's Day Tea serving, Room Parent, Mystery Reader, Library worker, Bible Study leader, assist with parenting class, lead a chapel, or staff devotions, offer staff training in your area of specialty, share your talents/hobby with our children, traffic volunteer during arrival and pick up the first 2 wks of school,etc.



Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are held seasonally, so please watch your newsletter. We will show the video series called On Becoming Childwise or the Growing Kids God's Way series on raising a virtuous child. Workbooks will be available for purchase.This is another way to meet other parents! Classes are held weekly for approximately ten weeks.

Bible Study

Bible Study is held based upon having a leader. We have had some wonderful leaders over the past eight years- and are looking for a new leader this year...could this be you?




Parents are invited to become a part of our library team. We catalogue new books, we shelf books that teachers are finished with and we pull new books every month. We repair books that have been 'over-loved' and we are in the process of scanning all books into a software system on the computer. Always looking for volunteers- please consider signing up and donate 20 minutes a week or so!

Garden Club

Do you like to dig in the dirt? Love flowers? Enjoy weeding? Our front gardens and flower beds need TLC all year--would you like to help? Sign up in Sept!



Substitute Teachers

Sign up if you enjoy preschoolers and would like to work in the classroom as needed. If you have experience-terrific, if not, we'll help you! There is a bit of training involved.

Room Parents

Are you a party planner? Love craft ideas? Creative? Spend your free time on Pinterest? This is a job for you! Teachers will offer a time to sign up for this job in September. It's a great way to become involved in your child'sclass. Parties include Christmas, Valentines, Easter and End of the Year picnic. Siblings are unable to attend classroom events, so please make arrangements for your other children before attending one of these events.