Chapel is held once per week in our church sanctuary, for approximately 15-20 minutes. We recite the pledge, sing songs, have a special story and end with a prayer. We focus on Character Training and using Bible stories as examples for right living. Haymarket Baptist Church pastoral staff lead a chapel each month, teachers lead most chapels …and visiting pastors from area churches also participate in chapel services.

Musical Moves

Musical Moves is held once a week, for 30 minutes for all of our three-year-old classes. Music, puppets, creative play, parachutes and movement activities help develop gross motor skills, thinking and listening skills, and cooperation. Our three-year-olds look forward to this time each week, with Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Caudle.

PeeWee Fitness

Pee Wee Fitness is held every Wednesday or Thursday for our morning and afternoon four-year-old classes. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Caudle incorporate music and movement activites with fitness and healthy living activites and a little bit of yoga. She brings puppets that reinforce good food choices, and many songs and dances the children enjoy. Fitness for children makes a great start to good habits in the future.

Music for 4's

Every Monday our 4 year old classes enjoy 30 minutes with Mrs. Loretta Abbott and assisted by Mrs. Snyder in the morning, and Mrs. Weismiller in the afternoon.  Mrs Abbott brings a wealth of experience, a chance to learn Bible verses to song, and incorporates poetry, fingerplays and instruments into each weekly class. The children love going to music class, and rave about it to parents each week! Mrs. Abbott also teaches our 2 1/2 yr old class Tues- Fri and she is part of the worship team at her church.

Physical Education and Music for Kindergarten

Every Tuesday Kindergarten students get a chance to work on game skills, coordination, ball skills, team sports, fitness activities, strength and balance. We follow the SOLs for Prince William County for Physical Education.  PE is taught by Mrs. Corinne Coppolo.

Every Thursday Kindergarten students attend music class with Mrs. Karen Baker.  Children are exposed to singing, instruments, classical composers, Peter and the Wolf, singing in rounds, learning hymns of the faith, rhythm, and introduction to musical notes.  We follow SOLs for Prince William County in our Music classes