Required Documentation

Forms for 2019-2020 are available now

 Open registration for new families takes place February 4th and thereafter until all classes are full and waiting lists begin.


Most of our forms are available on this website, find links to each below, or under the 'Just for Parents', "Back-to-School" section. Please complete these new forms for your child, ensuring that you are completing forms dated for the 2019-20 school year. These forms must be returned by Aug 23rd. Returning the forms over the summer helps us get information to your child's teacher. It is also helpful in preparing for those with allergies and epi-pens.

The following requirements and documents are mandatory before a child can attend Haymarket Baptist Church Preschool & Kindergarten:

  • Completed Student Health Form or letter of health from the child's physician including the child's updated and current immunization record and verifying your child’s good health. Immunizations must include all shots required by Prince William County and the state of Virginia. This form is available in our office, or by clicking here to print a copy to take to your pediatrician. If your child has an allergy that requires routine or emergency prescription medicines such as inhalers or epi-pens, be sure your pediatrician or allergist has completed the portion of the form that diagnoses the allergy and the course of action/epi-pen. Parents must complete and sign the 1st page of this form. Immunizations go in the middle section, and the physical report is the last page. If your doctor provides this information for you, and places it in an envelope- please OPEN the envelope, and complete page 1, as parents and sign.

  • Child's original birth certificate or a certified copy thereof must be presented for us to copy. Notification of birth (hospital, physician or midwife record) birth registration card or passport is also accepted. We retain a copy of your child’s birth certificate in his/her personal file, until they are no longer in our school, at which point we shred them, in accordance with Virginia State Law.

  • Dismissal Form - Who is allowed to pick up your child? Include both parent names, relatives, child care providers, neighbors, etc.

  • Signature Page - A one page document, giving us permission to care for your child in an emergency, take their pictures at school events, acceptance of significant financial policies and a variety of other statements.

  • Getting to Know You - Information about your child's personality for their teacher.

  • Allergy Form - For use of epi-pens and to maintain your child's safety at school (available at school and must be completed prior to your child's first day). Only complete this form if your child has allergies. You may also want to fill out a form for the administration of a benadryl type of medication.

  • FARE - Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

  • Communication in basic English ensures safety in our day and success in our classrooms, academically and socially.

  • Children must be completely potty trained to attend our school. They must be able to take care of all toileting needs by themselves. Pull-up diapers are not allowed.

  • We follow the age requirements of Prince William County Schools without exception. For the 2 1/2 yr old class, your child must turn 2 by March so that beginning in September they are 2 1/2 yrs old. For 3 yr olds, 4 yr olds and Kindergarten students- they must meet that age requirement for that class' age by September.

Kindergarten Notes

Entrance into kindergarten includes the following criteria:

  • Must be 5 years old by the first day of school. (different than the county)

  • Must have successfully completed our four-year-old program, or a similar program, with a copy of that program's progress report for that child.

  • Must pass our kindergarten readiness test.

  • Must demonstrate maturity that is appropriate for an advanced kindergarten program. Maturity of the child includes appropriate behavior that is conducive to learning in a group or classroom environment.

Due to the facility's space constraints, the curriculum content, and the behavioral expectations, consideration for enrollment into our kindergarten program may include an interview with or observation by the director. Acceptance into our program will be based upon what is best for the child and for our school. All enrollment decisions are final and are at the discretion of the director and school council.