Extended Care


Rise and Shine Club

For all morning students (9-12 or 9-2K) there is the option to start the day a little early, by arriving any time between 7:30am-9am.  A staff member will be here to greet you and your child. You will sign in- and that's it.  To reserve a spot in the Rise and Shine Club you will need to stop by the office in advance. If you want to have just a drop in spot every now and then, stop at the office and pay $10 at least 24 hrs in advance, or you can inform the office and pay it on RenWeb.

If you'd like to purchase a plan to have your child arrive early on a regular basis, for 2, 3, or 5 days per week, please stop by the office and sign up for your child's days and payment is calculated at a $7 rate for purchasing a 'plan'.

This program is open to all enrolled morning students in Preschool and Kindergarten.  Participating preschoolers in Rise and Shine by purchase of a monthly plan gives you priority access to lunch bunch from 12-1pm for $5 per day, with advanced sign up options.


Cub Club

This after school program is available to afternoon Preschool students and Kindergarten students who have already extended their day with an enrichment class. Registration forms and policies are available in the school office.

Cub Club begins at 3:30pm and ends promptly at 5:00 pm for afternoon preschoolers and begins at 3pm-5pm for kindergarten students. Reservations for Cub Club must be made in the office and paid for at sign up. We need at least 24 hours notice for drop in care. Drop in rate is $12 per day for preschool and $15 for Kindergarten. Kindergarten students must be enrolled in an enrichment class from 2-3 pm to use Cub Club.

If you'd like to purchase a plan by the month to have your child stay on a regular basis, such as 2, 3 or 5 days per week please sign up in the office and you will pay the plan rate of $8 per day for preschool or $10 for Kindergarten.  On occasion we may offer some enrichment activities to Cub Clubbers, such as Taekwondo classes.

Those that purchase a plan will also have advanced access to our lunch bunch program for PM preschool students which begins at 11:30, for $5 per day.