Enrolled Students

Details for 2019-2020


Current Student Families:

Registration for current families takes place on February 1st, at 7:00am. Please complete the online registration form ONE time per student. Multiple registrations only cause a bog down of the system. We will take only your LAST form submitted if we recieve multiple copies. Remember to submit your registration fee before the 1st during regular business hours ($100). You can pay by check, or use your RenWeb account, or pay on person with check or cash. To use RenWeb, please log into the registration option and select school year 2019-2020. Registrations without the registration fee turned in on time will not be valid. Please put your child's name in the memo portion of the check along with 'registration fee'. Students will begin being place on February 1st provided we have your check. Please do not mix tuition payments or other fees with the registration check-- registration must be a single transaction for the upcoming year bookkeeping.

* if you are currently paying tuition for any of your children- you are a currently enrolled family, even if your child is graduating this spring.

* if you are registering more than one child, please note on your form that there is a sibling by selecting the appropriate number in the drop box that asks how many students are you enrolling today. If you are enrolling 2 students/sibling, choose the number 2 on both children’s registration forms. Once you have completed one registration form, log out, and then log back in to do the 2nd child. After receiving all applications time stamped in order, I will go back in and look for those ‘number 2s’ and group your 2nd child in with the 1st child, so that 1st child’s time becomes your family time of registration.

Alumni and Church Families:

Registration for alumni families (graduated and no longer attending student's siblings) will also register on February 1st but not until 8:00 am. Please do not register before 8 am. . If you are not listed on our current enrollment data sheets, your registration will not be valid if you register prior to 8:00 am. The 7-8:00 time period is only for current student families, followed by alumni and church member families in the 2nd half hour. The form will be open for families in the priority enrollment period until 8:00 am on the 1st of Feb. You must submit your registration check before 7am on the 1st. Having it at school a day early is helpful and allows us to proceed with placing students.  Without the check, your registration is incomplete. You can drop it off in person, or via our drop box along the exterior wall of the preschool behind our entrance sign. Please put your child's name in the memo portion of the check with the word 'registration fee'. We will take your check anytime in January, but not deposit it until we have a spot for your child.

New Families:

Registration for new student families begins February 4th, 2019 at 7:00am- 8:00am on this website. Please complete the form, and follow all procedures listed on this website regarding complete data, and deadlines for payments. Many classes are filled in house, so be sure to list all choices you are willing to accept on the registration form. Submit the registration fee before Feb 4th. Registration checks will not be cashed unless we offer you a spot that you were willing to accept. If you choose to decline the spot that you were willing to accept on your regisration form, your registration fee will not be refunded. We will hold registration checks until Oct 1st. Please put your child's name and 'registration fee' in the memo portion of your check. Be sure your check lists accurate address and telephone.

Online Form Registration

After you fully complete your form and submit it, it will be time and date stamped. Only those families who qualify for priority enrollment applications will be accepted. If you are not in the above stated group and register, your application will be disregarded. We will process the priority enrollment forms based upon the time and date it was received, giving first choice to each family in the order in which the registrations and fees are received.

We will try to give you your first choice option, but there are no guarantees. Please type carefully, and fill out the form completely, as this becomes our database to notify you later. Correct email, address, phone and birthdays!

You will not get an email after the registration is done, you will get a screen shot that says 'successfully completed'.  Please do not continue to fill out registration forms, we will take the LAST one you submit.

Paper Registration

If you do not have access to a computer you may still do a regular paper form on February 4th at 9:00 am, when the doors open for school, and we will place your form in with the online forms already received by time of registration.

Registration Fees

Registration is $100 for the 1st student in the family. Additional sibling registration fees are $75 for a 2nd child and $50 for a 3rd or any subsequent children in your family enrolling for this upcoming school year. Registration fees are due no later than business hours on Jan 31 or prior to 7 am on Feb 1 for current, alumni and church family registrations. Registration fees for new families are due prior to their Feb 4th registration time.  The fee is non refundable if we place your children in a spot prior to Oct 1st. We will hold registration checks for children on the waitlist up until October 1st, and we will not cash them if you do not have a spot. After October 1st, we will shred all checks, but retain your name and number on our wait list should any further openings occur.

There are no teacher requests. We will place each child where we feel is best.

Enrolled Families

Currently enrolled families will receive confirmation letters by mid February, and will have until May 1st to remit their curriculum/supply fee and advance tuition payment (the tuition deposit for May 2019's payment) towards next year's tuition. This extra time is to help parents not have to make the March tuition payment and an advance tuition payment at the same time, avoiding financial hardship on your families. Even though you have until May to make the payment, please return your confirmation slip so that we know your intent is for your child to attend next year. You can pay any portion of these fees from Feb-May 1st.


Alumni Families

Alumni families from past years at our school, with no children currently attending, and Haymarket Baptist Church members will submit their registration fee no later than Feb 1st, 7am and will submit their curriculum fee and tuition deposit after receiving their confirmation letter, following the stated remittance date listed on theletter (10 days). Church membership is defined as one year of membership, and is determined by the church staff. Alumni registration time is 8am.