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Getting Ready for September


Your school curriculum and supply fee helps us to purchase all educational materials and art supplies. We only ask that you contribute the items below:

  • 2 1/2's bring in 1 container hand sanitizer, and 1 box gallon sized ziploc bags

  • AM Tues/Thurs 3’s bring in 1 box of Kleenex and 1 box baby wipes

  • AM MWF 3's bring in 1 box of baby wipes and 1 box of Wet-Ones brand wipes

  • PM MWF 3's bring in 1 roll paper towels and 1 box of baby wipes

  • AM MWF 4’s bring in 1 pump hand soap and 1 box of quart sized ziploc bags

  • PM MWF 4's bring in 1 box baby wipes and 1 box of Kleenex

  • Pre K AM (M-F 4's)bring in 1 pkg cupcake liners and 1 pkg of seasonal or reward stickers

  • Pre K PM(M-F 4's) bring in 1 container Lysol or Clorox wipes (usually in beauty section of Walmart) and 1 box of Kleenex

  • Kindergarten bring in 1 containers of Wet Ones wipes and 1 roll of paper towels

Remember to fill out your forms online and bring them to school either over the summer or by Aug 28/29 (Meet the Teacher Day). If you have enrolled a new student, we need you to bring your child's original birth certificate over the summer tobe copied. All students need a school physical with up to date immunizations. Accomplishing these forms and details over the summer frees you from waiting in long lines on Orientation Day (Aug 28/29).  If your pediatrician completes the physical form and places it in a sealed envelope, go ahead and open it- the first page parents MUST complete and sign in two places.

Backpacks: Please make sure you purchase a Large Backpack, not the little ones and not with wheels. We have regular sized folders, art projects, show and tell, a change of clothes and perhaps a sweater for chilly days which will not all fit and zip in a small backpack. We do not accept backpacks that are like suitcases or have wheels. These have proven to be a problem in the crowded hallways and attempts to hang them on the children's hooks. Be sure to label your child's backpack with his/her name.

Who's going to be my child's teacher?

You will receive an email this summer with your child's class list and teacher. It is vital that your email address is correct, as this is how you will connect with future classmates, to set up times to meet over the summer and make friends. It is also how your child's teacher will communicate with you. If you have changed email addresses since you registered in February, please contact us with an update. If you have not heard from us by August it is possible that you mistyped your email address in the rush of registration. Parents are not able to request certain teachers. We have a fully qualified staff, and make our class lists with many criteria considered.

Kindergarten Information

You will receive an email with an attachment to enroll, if you desire, in the Kindergarten Enrichment Program. These classes are after school from 2-3 pm and will include choices such as Gymnastics, Spanish, Daisy Girl Scouts, Lego Club, Discover & Explore Science, TaeKwonDo, Art, Engineering, etc. Each class is offered one day per week, and continues for one semester. You can choose as many classes as you like. We offer different classes the next semester or continue those that are most popular. There is an additional fee for these enrichment classes. We can add these additional fees monthly to your tuition, or you may pay for them in lump sum. If we do not get enough students in a class, it will be cancelled.

Lunch Bunch

Starting the second week of school, we offer a "lunch bunch" option for preschoolers in the 4 year old classes ONLY  to stay an additional hour for lunch and recess. The fee is $5.00 per day.  Signing up will be online each month, with the exception of September- that sign up will be at the Meet and Greet times. Only 2 spots can be taken at this initial sign up giving everyone on both days of Meet and Greet a chance to get some lunch bunches. For the remainder of the year Sign Up Genius will be used on sign up day for the 4's program. Those in the 4 yr old program will be emailed a link to sign up for lunch bunch around the last Monday of each month.  Any remaining spots after the 4's have signed up will be open for the 3's to come in to the office and sign up on the next day. We take a maximum of 16 students per day for AM lunch bunch (after AM preschool 12-1) and a max of 10 students for PM lunch bunch (before PM preschool 11:30-12:30). Children provide all parts of their lunch including drinks, spoons and napkins. We do not heat up food or store food in the refrigerator for individual lunches. Payment must be made on the sign up day by 9 am for morning 4's students or 12:30pm for afternoon 4's students. Failure to pay by these times means that we will offer that spot to another person. There are no refunds if your child misses his/her lunch bunch day. If we have a weather closure we will offer you a voucher to be used at another lunch bunch day. Those in our extended care program (Rise and Shine for AM students or Cub Club for PM students) will have priority sign up for lunch bunch and will pay for it ahead of time with their extended care payments.

Tuition Rates  beginning Sept 1, 2019

2 1/2 yr olds  T/Th or W/F $230 per month

3 yr olds T/Th  $245 per month

3 yr olds MWF $300 per month

4 yr olds MWF $315 per month

4 yr olds M-F (Pre K) $365 per month

Kindergarten  $420 per month

Checks  are made payable to HBCPK, you can also pay using RenWeb or with cash. Credit cards are not accepted in the office, but can be used on RenWeb. The credit card companies will charge you high fees to use them on RenWeb. Tuition is due by the 1st of the month, a $25 late fee added between the 5th-9th, and the late fee doubles to $50 paid after the 9th.

Discount of 3% is available by paying for the year in full before Sept 1. Contact the office for your payment amount if you would like to receive this discount.

Meet and Greet Schedule

Wednesday, Aug 28

9am- Kindergarten

10am- W/F 2 1/2's

10:45 MWF am 3's

11:30 MWF am 4's

1:00 MWF pm 3's

2:00 MWF pm 4's

Thursday, Aug 29

9am- T/Th 2 1/2's

10am- T/Th 3's

11 am Morning Pre K

1:00am T/Th pm 3’s

2:00pm Afternoon Pre K