Kindergarten at HBCPK is everything you want for your child...a small group setting with incredibly gifted and caring teachers who instill a love of learning and inspire curiosity, joy, and teamwork. The teachers truly know your child and differentiate their instruction to meet their needs. The education is second to none, but the friendships they form and the “school family” they become - that’s what sets this program apart. Nobody falls through the cracks. Everyone is lifted up and given that sturdy foundation so they have the tools to grow wherever first grade (and beyond!) takes them. My previous career involved traveling the country and studying elementary classrooms and curriculum. I can say with absolute confidence that these teachers, this program, and this school is the only place I want my children to be.
— Kindergarten Parent

The kindergarten program at Haymarket Baptist has truly been a unique, one of a kind experience for our family. The wonderful teachers, enrichment programs, and curriculum have really blessed our children and played a major role in their development. HBCPK did an exceptional job in preparing our son for elementary school, who has developed excellent work habits and fundamental skills to succeed in larger classroom settings. The teachers and program exceeded our expectations and we are blessed to also have our daughter enrolled in the kindergarten program. Thank you to HBCPK for the dedication and commitment you show to every student walking through your doors!
— Alumni Parent

We are experiencing kindergarten at HBCPK for the second time and could not be more pleased. HBCPK has a stellar reputation in the community as well as among parents who want their children to be introduced to academics in a Christian environment. How wonderful, as a parent, to know your child is learning in an environment where the same beliefs and character traits you are teaching at home, and your child is learning at church, are also being reinforced throughout their learning day. Both of our children have benefited and blossomed from the loving and nurturing hearts of the entire HBCPK staff, strong curriculum, smaller class size, hands on learning, and fun enrichment programs.
— Kindergarten Parent

Haymarket Baptist has been our home for the last 3 years. Not only did our boys learn to love learning but they taught them to uphold each other in both faith and support. The school is not just about learning but teaching goodness and how to be responsible and respectable of others. The teachers are involved in every aspect of the boys lives. Not only did they discover the goodness in them but they discover their gifts they had to give.

We could not have asked for a better school. Thank you HBCPK for loving the boys they way you did and for giving them the passion to learn.
— Alumni Parent

I miss Haymarket Baptist! It was the best school I have ever been to! I still have playdates with all my friends from preschool and Kindergarten. I had the best teachers! They taught me Spanish and sign language and always dressed up in fun costumes. My Kindergarten teacher taught me how to read and we went on field trips and earned pennies to shop at the Country Store. I miss them! I miss learning about God at school. I’m so happy I went there. When I grow up I will send my kids there.
— pre-school & kindergarten graduate

My children had the absolute BEST experience at HBCPK. I was tempted to homeschool until I found this special school. It is a safe and loving environment where children are valued and nurtured. My children would come home from preschool with glue under their finger nails from a thematic project, sun kissed cheeks from playing outside, a big smile from friendships formed, and a heart filled with the word of God. Every single teacher is a dream come true. They are patient and joyful and talented. They love their students and are so good at communicating with parents. HBCPK feels like family. It feels like home. We have had several opportunities to move out of state and we REFUSE to do so until our last child has graduated HBCPK. We cannot rob them of this experience. It’s too precious and sets them up for success both academically and socially.
— Multi-student family

Haymarket Baptist preschool teachers give unconditional love, and this is the best gift a child can receive.
— Pre-school Parent

Haymarket Baptist preschool has become a no-brainer for us, and a part of our children’s lives, ever since we put our oldest son in the three year old program four years ago. After he started, we soon discovered that our child would spend each day in not only a very clean and safe environment, but also a strong academic environment, where they truly embrace each child in Christian love! As each year progressed, and multiple teachers later, we realized there isn’t such thing as a bad teacher at the school, and that every teacher and assistant does a wonderful job and puts their heart and soul into what they do. Our oldest spent three years at HBCPK and our youngest is about to start his second year! The administration is awesome, and the head of school, Mrs. Frasz puts her whole self into making the school great! She bends over backwards to try and make your family’s experience with the school a very positive one, and she always has great advice! There is no preschool in the area that can top this one. They truly see the whole child and build character in them that will last in their years to come!
— Pre-School Parent