Two-&-a Half-Year-Old Curriculum

Our two &-a-half-year-old children use the A Beka Language Enrichment Curriculum which includes a variety of themes, posters, related songs, stories and suggested art activities. They also work hard on social skills, learning to share, separating from parents, how to work in a group, and how to use many types of manipulative learning toys and school tools. While we focus on broad themes such as the Farm, the Ocean or seasons, we also use a small amount of Abeka 2's Nursery curriculum for introduction of numbers, shapes and colors.


Curriculum details

We will have short "circle times" to introduce songs, and teachable moments about seasons, holidays, animals, weather, colors, shapes and the world around us. We also learn school routine behaviors, such as walking in a line, taking turns, having good snack time manners, and using playground equipment appropriately.

We will reinforce proper restroom use and hand washing. We will expose them to a variety of art materials and encourage participation individually and as a class. This program helps prepare children for the three-year-old class and a larger group setting.