Preschool Curriculum


Two-&-a Half-Year-Old Curriculum

Our two &-a-half-year-old children use the A Beka Language Enrichment Curriculum which includes a variety of themes, posters, related songs, stories and suggested art activities. They also work on social skills, learning to share, separating from parents, how to work in a group, school routines and how to use many types of manipulative learning toys and school tools. While we focus on broad themes such as the Farm, the Ocean or seasons, we also use a small amount of Abeka 2's Nursery curriculum for introduction of numbers, shapes and colors. Playground time is a highlight in the 2’s class- run, jump, pedal a trike, climb the slide, balance on the butterflies, rock on the lady bug, dig in the sand and play with friends! Snack time is enjoyed and starts with learning simple prayers and good manners. We love to peel stickers, roll up a glue stick, use paint brushes, and crayons to make lovely little projects for your refrigerator! Action songs, fingerplays, dancing scarves, instruments to march with, stories and song- Bible ones and traditional ones are all part of our day!


Three-Year-Old Curriculum

Developmental skills are a key focus every day with manipulatives that help us learn to make patterns, sort, classify, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills. We love to watercolor and easel paint…we love playdoh! Enjoy hearing stories each day! We participate in a circle time to learn about the calendar, the weather, the pledge to our flag, share time, and an area of study for the day. Students are introduced to the Letter of the Week and connect it to what we sing, what we read and what projects we do. Each letter has a special animal friend and song! We take turns being the helping hand each day. We make time to use our big muscles on the playground and use our fine motor skills with a variety of activities in the classroom like tracing a letter, or using scissors. We work on social skills, with manners, cooperation and respect for others. We practice obeying our teachers the very first time and earn stickers towards the treasure box for a job well done. Bible stories, songs, prayers and character traits are part of each day. Once a week we go to chapel and once a week we visit our Musical Moves class.


Four-Year-Old Curriculum

Our four-year-olds have a very busy schedule that includes circle time, calendar, weather, letter of the week, music class, Pee Wee Fitness class, chapel, recess, free choice play, math activities, writing practice, work with phonics, organized games, thematic activities/weekly special themes, developing friendships, dramatic play, and using activities that help problem solve to think critically and creatively. We have two options for the fours classes- MWF generally for our younger fours- with summer birthdays-uncertain about sending to full day Kindergarten and our Pre K which is M-F. Letters are learned in a particular order, beginning with the vowels… a consonant is added each week, and we learn to put the consonant and vowel sound together. Many students are ready to blend the sounds and make words. In Pre K we have small ‘reading groups’ second semester to help prepare students for Kindergarten by reading small books that correlate with the letters and sounds of the week. Dramatic play is a big important piece of our week- setting up the classroom with engaging thematic units like the Apple Orchard and Store, the Pumpkin Bakery, Vet office, Dr office, and Police station to name a few. We learn so much about God and Jesus- we learn Bible verses and prayers, too! We want a good balance between creative, developmentally appropriate learning and academic readiness skills. We make it our goal to have all of our children prepared for kindergarten by the end of the year (not just academically, but socially, and emotionally!).