Music & Movement Teachers



Mrs. Loretta Abbott  teaches MUSIC to our 4 year old students each Monday.  She also teaches the T/Th and W/F 2 1/2 yr old classes. Loretta attended Northland Bible College and Bob Jones University. She has completed her Child Development Credential and is pursuing her Educator's Credential with ACSI. She has 5 previous years of teaching experience with 3 yr olds, using Abeka curriculum. Mrs. Abbott is married, has 2 children and a dog named Mila!  She attends National Community Church where she helps lead worship with her beautiful voice!   Loretta enjoys music, reading and baking! She is fun, energetic and loves singing with the children!


Beth Caudle

Mrs. Beth Caudle begins her 3rd year sharing the lead with Mrs. Evans in our Pee Wee Fitness/Musical Moves program. She will also assist Mrs. Abbott in the 4's music classes. Beth is a former elementary P.E. assistant and enjoys helping children use their muscles and learn about fitness! She is married and has two grown children. She attends Grace Life Community Church.


Heidi Evans

Mrs. Evans begins her 4th year at HBCPK, and she shares the lead of both Pee Wee Fitness ( for the 4 yr olds) and Musical Moves ( for the 3 yr olds) and is a preschool assistant with Mrs.McNeil and Mrs. Adams.  Get ready to move, sing, learn some praise music and dance with her!  Mrs. Evans is married with 2 precious little girls (alumni grads- HBCPK) and she attends Gainesville United Methodist Church. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University(go Buckeyes!) with her major in Child and Family Studies. Heidi is full of energy and sweetness- your children will love her!


Jin Hwang

Mrs. Jin Hwang returns for her 2nd year assisting with some of our Pee Wee Fitness classes and assisting in the 3's classroom. She is also one of our 'go-to' substitutes!  Jin has 3 children that are all graduates of HBCPK (now they are teenagers!). She is married and their family attends church at Ambassador Bible Church. Mrs. Hwang is a graduate of George Mason with her BS in Pychology. She loves to crochet, try new recipes, she volunteer and teaches Sunday School at her church. Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:38-39 which she says comforts her knowing the nothing can separate her from God and His love. She loves being a part of HBCPK, and sharing Jesus with all the children.


Tammy Marchand

Mrs. Marchand leads our Music Program for Kindergarten Students every Thursday. She has been with HBCPK for 11 years, as a preschool and kindergarten assistant.  Her son was in our very first graduating class- while he has moved on to high school, Mrs. Marchand is still in Kindergarten! This is her 2nd year to teach Music. Tammy plays the trombone and when she was younger attended the Interlochen School of Music and also was on a European Concert Tour with the U.S. Collegiate Wind Bands of America.  She enjoys playing the guitar too. Tammy is passionate about giving her students a love for music, exposure to a variety of instruments, and igniting interest in different musical styles, as well as learning about the parts of the orchestra and mixing in classical, inspirational, rounds, ballads, and silly songs into the children’s repertoire as well. She will ensure that PWCS standards of learning (SOL) are taught, as well as Christian influences of praises, the wordless book, hymns and other inspirational activities.



Mrs. Monfort is teaching  Kindergarten PE on Tuesday mornings, and teaching the MWF 4's morning and afternoon.  She has many years of experience at HBCPK. She has worked as a Preschool assistant in Pre K with two different teachers and volunteered extensively during her daughter's year in our K program. Mrs. Monfort is married and two of her four children are HBCPK alumni.  In her off time, she enjoys teaching fitness classes and has spent many years teaching ballet, too.  Mrs. Monfort has a liberal arts degree from NOVA and has also earned her Educator Credential from Association of Christian Schools International. The Monforts attend church at Park Valley. Children will focus on many aspects of the Standards of Learning, and will work on team building and individual effort with units on soccer, field hockey introduction, relay skills, tumbling skills, sportsmanship and confidence building. She is a calm, gentle teacher who loves to support children's learning by genuinely loving them as they learn!